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Texitura 53

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TEXITURA 53 S/S 16 is a pattern trend book, where you can find a complete advanced preview over the Spring/Summer 2016 season’s colors and forms.

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Texitura Printing Design Magazine


TEXITURA is one of the main international seasonal publication about PATTERN DESIGN. During 40 years, each issue of the magazine has brought a color explosion of graphic inspiration for the decoration on every kind of surface, from fashion textiles to wallpaper, stationary, plastics, vinyl or home decor. Each TEXITURA brings out trends with an 18-month advance.

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Talking to Pupapop

Pupapop - Texitura - Madrid

Pupapop is without a doubt one of our designers with an innate talent. Furthermore, its great capacity for work, enormous involvement and charisma make her a successful professional. Her designs always make us dream of fabrics and slightly rebel and fun objects.

Her own personal brand “Pupapop” already makes us think of colors, originality, brash and especially her will to offer all the vitality in her work. Thank you for being part of our great little family and hope to continue reaching successes so far.

Tell us about your history and how you ended designing patterns

I used to work at the visual communication sector for longer than ten years before beginning as a pattern designer. I performed as a Senior Art Director and as a creative for advertisement agencies with international clients. Two years ago, on one side, I felt the necessity of refreshing my graphic career and, on the other, a very beautiful personal project about stationery for which I needed to learn how to do patterns. First I attended a workshop with Moniquilla and I also had personal training with Gastón Caba (Argentina); After that, I found the “Ciruclo Textil” web site and I enrolled the Design Patterns level 1 course.

I really liked it, because it allowed me to use the knowledge I had been practicing on the previous years, such as illustration; I continued and I enrolled the level 2 course. And since then, until the moment I haven’t stopped specializing and taking the best international online courses that I have found. After that, the publication of my patterns in Texitura started, projects for the textile industry and features in dedicated web sites, for example, Pattern Observer and Make it in Design.

How would you describe your style?

The style of Pupapop is a little bit ‘wild’: imperfect lines, hand drawn texts, very urban motives, graffiti oriented doodles, etc. I draw everything by hand, I scan it and then I compose and draw in Illustrator. As I like to say: the tool “Live Trace” is my graphic religion and Illustrator files, my beloved Saints! My designs are focused mainly on the teenager, young and young adult markets, because I feel really comfortable there.

Which has been the graphically funniest project that you have made?

The funniest one, without a doubt, was the first time Pupapop collaborated with Texitura Printing Design. I had never collaborated with a Pattern Design specialized publication, and I felt as nervous as excited when I was asked to participate. Publishing in a media that had had collaborators such as Lady Desidia, Moniquilla, Uon Studio, Suz Sánchez and Isabel Picaza, for example, was a dream for me.

Working with the trends of that edition was surprising for me. In a creative way, I discovered a lot of things that I keep in my style nowadays. I enjoyed it a lot, and above all, I got really satisfied with all that I designed.

What are you working on at the moment?

I have just dived into the entrepreneurial experience and I am really excited about it: I am starting my own products line. My brand is called Urbanothèque: ‘Unique things designed with a certain urban accent’. So far, the idea is to produce scarfs, pins, notebooks and totes printed with my patterns and designs; Then, in a time period, I would like to expand the line to more products.

Pupapop - Texitura - Madrid


In parallel I continue working as a Pattern Designer attending my client’s orders and I still can get some time for my beloved blog, ‘In Pattern We Trust’, which is completely oriented to everything that has to do with the Pattern world.

What is your inspiration for designing?

In my experience, the best is to create and/or discover your own style, your own voice, because there is where your strength and your happiness at your work is, and if, in addition to this, your style is oriented towards the type of client or market that you like the best… then you have a lot of work already done.

I also think that it is essential to be aware of the big trends, especially the ones of your specialization market. And last: never quit training your drawing skills. For this, it is interesting to take courses and workshops that can keep you motivated and aware to new creative challenges!

Pupapop - Texitura - Madrid

If you were a print, what kind would you be?

A novelty, definitely

Pupapop - Texitura - MadridPupapop - Texitura - Madrid

A dream or a thought that you would like to share with us?

I wish this blog will be successful and I am happy to have been chosen for this interview. Thank you very much to all the team at Texitura!

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