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Texitura 53

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TEXITURA 53 S/S 16 is a pattern trend book, where you can find a complete advanced preview over the Spring/Summer 2016 season’s colors and forms.

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Texitura Printing Design Magazine


TEXITURA is one of the main international seasonal publication about PATTERN DESIGN. During 40 years, each issue of the magazine has brought a color explosion of graphic inspiration for the decoration on every kind of surface, from fashion textiles to wallpaper, stationary, plastics, vinyl or home decor. Each TEXITURA brings out trends with an 18-month advance.

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Talking to Sara Beltrán

Sara Beltrá - Texitura

Sara Beltrán is a tireless professional, bewitched by print design. From the moment she discovered the potential this type of design has and what you can do to products by adding a print she has not stopped developing this side of her work.

Her passion for colour keeps her going for hours during the design process and, for us, it is what differentiates her from other designers. Fresh, dynamic, amusing blends that even bring a sense of tranquillity are what most attract us to her work.

We hope that this short interview gives you a brief insight into her work and encourages you to follow her.

Let’s talk a little bit about your past and how you got into pattern design.

I have spent many years working in product design for museums; this is where my interest for patterns springs from. It all started with my first job in the Prado Museum, Reina Sofia and, years later, self-employed I worked in products and packaging for the shop at the Thyssen-Bornemisza. I learnt to make rapports, something that was particularly useful given the variety of different products and formats onto which I had to apply the same design concept, without having to adapt them all individually.

Finally, I am using the world of prints, not just for museums, but with a variety of clients. I have recently finished some paper table mats for a restaurant that my clients are raving about because they are personalised with images of the key ingredients that they work with, and with a single ink they have come out wonderfully.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Sara Beltrá - print - patterns - print - Texitura

How would you describe your style?

I think that there is a trend to prioritise interesting colour combinations over form; it is what most inspires me when I am working and where I invest most of my time.

Sara Beltrá - print - patterns - print - Texitura
Sara Beltrá - print - patterns - print - Texitura

What is the most enjoyable or satisfying project that you have done?

I am preparing my own brand of textiles, at the moment it is fun, and hopefully, in the not too distant future it will also be satisfying!!

Sara Beltrá - print - patterns - print - Texitura

What are you working on at the moment?

Although I am still working as a graphic designer, I am preparing a brand of clothing, where the clothes are meant to be recycled.

What inspires your designs?

EVERYTHING, in the world of print, once you dip your toe in it, you find “muses” everywhere you look!

What advice would you give to new designers?

That they don’t try to be good; they should have fun with what they are doing, until others, and they themselves, can see how good their designs are.

Sara Beltrá - print - patterns - print - Texitura

If you were a print, what would you be?

I think that I would be something a little ethereal, in watercolour, mainly in pastels, but with splashes of intense red to liven up the subtlety.

Sara Beltrá - print - patterns - print - Texitura

A dream or thought that you would like to share with us…

I would like the textile industry to be more committed to the environment, and for consumers to become more involved in not just compulsively buying products with the short period of planned obsolescence that the fashion industry dictates. I don’t want the majority of items of clothing in our wardrobes only to be used for “one season” because someone has said that they are out of fashion within 6 months.

Sara, many thanks for sparing us a little of your time and allowing us to get to know you a little better, we have loved talking to you.

If you would like to follow her you can do so on:  Facebook | InstagramPinterest | Twitter

And you can buy her designs on the Texitura webpage.


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