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Texitura 53

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TEXITURA 53 S/S 16 is a pattern trend book, where you can find a complete advanced preview over the Spring/Summer 2016 season’s colors and forms.

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Texitura Printing Design Magazine


TEXITURA is one of the main international seasonal publication about PATTERN DESIGN. During 40 years, each issue of the magazine has brought a color explosion of graphic inspiration for the decoration on every kind of surface, from fashion textiles to wallpaper, stationary, plastics, vinyl or home decor. Each TEXITURA brings out trends with an 18-month advance.

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Talking to Jaquelina Freitas

Jaquelina Freitas - Texitura

It is a great pleasure for us to meet and work with Jaquelina, not only because her designs are truly inspiring, colourist and full of vitality, but also because her story shows that, with effort and perseverance, it is possible achieve anything.

Jaquelina decided that she wanted to combine her passion and her work so that her “everyday” would be filled with creativity. Where print and surface design drive her world and make her feel complete. All of this can be seen in her designs and thus be transmitted into everything that she does through them.

We hope that this short interview will help you get to know this amazing Portuguese designer a little better; undoubtedly, she will become one of your favourites.

1. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into pattern design?

After I finished my Social Work degree, I felt like that wasn’t my path, never felt the wish to make it my life and my focus was always something related to arts. I could only see myself doing something creative. I had an opportunity to learn more about textiles and took that change in my live. Completed a Textile Design course and since then my life is growing alongside my creativity. I’m still far from where I wanna be, but I’m working to get there! I love patterns ’cause they are unique, they translate feelings and have the power to make something come to life.

2. How would you describe your style?

My style is a combination of modern, contemporary and geometric motifs with a touch of fun and color.

Fox - Jaquelina Freitas - Texitura
Jaquelina Freitas - Texitura

3. What's been the most fun or rewarding project to work on?

Well, every project ends up to be, somehow, rewarding, but I have to say that the most fun and rewarding project so far is my own brand: Jack’s. Jack’s offers a meaningful assortment of sustainable handmade products such as 100% recycled paper notebooks and soft toys made from dead stock textiles, all designed with unique prints and shapes. This is entirely me. From the idea to the final product.

Jack by Jaquelina Freitas - Texitura

4. What are you working on currently?

Right now I’m working full-time as an in-house textile designer. I’m also doing some freelance work for an american studio and, of course, always working on ways to improve my brand.

5. What is the inspiration behind your work?

Everything! From interior design, architecture, furniture, photography… anything beautiful enough to make me think of doing something with it.

Jaquelina Freitas - Texitura
Jaquelina Freitas - Texitura

6. What advice would you give to new designers?

Focus on what you wanna do, work hard to get it and never give up. But honestly, the biggest advice is: Be passionate about your work! I genuinely believe that the passion for something drives us to do exceptional things.

7. If you were a print what kind would you be?

I would probably be an allover print of colourful and funny cats!

Jaquelina Freitas - Texitura

8. A dream or thought you want to share with all us?

A dream would be working as a freelancer to get the money to travel the world promoting and selling my products!

Jack by Jaquelina Freitas - Texitura

Thank you, Jaquelina. We hope that you continue to enjoy your work for a long, long time.

More info about Jaquelina Freitas:

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