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Texitura 53

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TEXITURA 53 S/S 16 is a pattern trend book, where you can find a complete advanced preview over the Spring/Summer 2016 season’s colors and forms.

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Texitura Printing Design Magazine


TEXITURA is one of the main international seasonal publication about PATTERN DESIGN. During 40 years, each issue of the magazine has brought a color explosion of graphic inspiration for the decoration on every kind of surface, from fashion textiles to wallpaper, stationary, plastics, vinyl or home decor. Each TEXITURA brings out trends with an 18-month advance.

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Talking to Adriana Bernardino

Adriana Bernardino - Texitura

Adriana Bernardino is a Brazilian designer who, with more than 10 years of experience, is a leader in the design of patterns in her country. We are pleased of having her as collaborator at our design team at Texitura since some years ago. This excites us and allows us to bring her design philosophy to you through this interview.

Her weakness for funny designs, full of humor and framed into Pop-art, marks her personality. But Adriana Bernardino is aware that the market not only revolves around this, and she is flexible enough as to make her designs to come to the general public.

Tell us a little bit about your background and got into design pattern?

I graduated in fashion design and majored in textile design.

In Brazil there are not many specialized courses in pattern design, so these are short term courses, workshops.

Whenever I can, I attend different  courses about this field to meet new proposals and professionals.

I  work with pattern creation since my first job over ten years and most of what I have learned was with practice and experimentation.

How would you describe your style?

Since I opened my own studio I have been  working for different types of customers: women’s , men’s, children´s fashion articles. I also create designs for wallpapers and decorative .

So I need to know develop different styles to meet the market expectations.

But when I have an authorial creation with freedom, I usually do drawings with humor in a fun language pop-art style or a more romantic style with floral.

Adriana Bernardino - Texitura
Adriana Bernardino - Texitura
Adriana Bernardino - Texitura
Adriana Bernardino - Texitura

What’s been the most fun or rewarding project to work on?

There are so many! I love to create prints, narrative drawings that tell stories.

Besides creating for my clients on the studio, I also keep an authorial fashion brand, which gives me more freedom to create and have fun with the topics covered.

For example the pattern design inspired by the film set The Grand Budapest Hotel, Life of Pi, or on the Venice Cats.

I like to make prints with jokes about art, cinema, mythology.

There is a collection designed by me for a  of Brazilian sandal brand, the Ipanema- Grendene,  inspired by playful topics such as picnic and circus themes, where I enjoyed myself a lot.

Adriana Bernardino - Texitura
Adriana Bernardino - Texitura

What are you working on Currently?

I have many projects going on at the moment, which are so good.

In the studio I have amazing customers searching for women’s fashion and decoration.

I also began to teach some courses on creative process, teaching storytelling through prints.

I am developing new collections for my store with  products printed with stories.

And soon we are launching a fun collection which created prints inspired by the internet news.

So that  “uninteresting” news we see on the Internet were turned into prints and products in a fun way.

My store Website | Facebook | Instagram

What is the inspiration behind your work?

Everything can create inspiration and be showed the way we want through images: smells, music, movies, exhibitions, a good conversation between friends.

Sometimes a new image can cause a weird impact in the beginning, but I believe this is the way to innovation.

What advice would you give to new designers?

Try design without fear! Try all possible techniques, draw all the time and do not give up an idea, even if it does not become perfect at the beginning, the pattern changes. Believe in the message that you can pass through its work. Prints must have meaning and content, make a difference for the product and for the consumer.

If you were to print what kind would you be?

Uow, this is difficult to answer!

I think it would be a geometric pattern dismantled, with interference of pop elements. A colorful and fun pattern without many rules in the composition.

Adriana Bernardino - Texitura
Adriana Bernardino - Texitura
Adriana Bernardino - Texitura
Adriana Bernardino - Texitura

A dream or thought you want to share with us all?

I make small dreams come true with every print approved and made .

Seeing one of my designs taking shape in a textile or object is the best feeling ever.

I think my biggest dream is always to have the opportunity to express myself through my prints,  support  encouragement and recognition to keep my work alive.

Adriana Bernardino - Texitura

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