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Texitura 53

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TEXITURA 53 S/S 16 is a pattern trend book, where you can find a complete advanced preview over the Spring/Summer 2016 season’s colors and forms.

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Texitura Printing Design Magazine


TEXITURA is one of the main international seasonal publication about PATTERN DESIGN. During 40 years, each issue of the magazine has brought a color explosion of graphic inspiration for the decoration on every kind of surface, from fashion textiles to wallpaper, stationary, plastics, vinyl or home decor. Each TEXITURA brings out trends with an 18-month advance.

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Autumn/Winter Trends 17-18

Autumn/Winter Trends 17-18 - Texitura

After extensively studying and analysing trends in art, cinema, fashion, music and social movements it is our pleasure to present you with the latest Trend Report, with 3 macro trends to inspire your creations.

Autumn/Winter Trends 17-18 - Texitura

3 macro trends to inspire your creations

In this report we take a look at the sweetness of women during the 20s and 30s; the different faces of ostentation, from its darkest form to golden reflections in the light. And conclude with the power of nature in its most brutalist expression.

For each of these trends we have designed a palette with Pantone references to help you create your own colour palettes. There is also a collection of images which explain, through graphics, each of the macro trends, from varying perspectives.

Aimed at companies, creators, designers and artists who want their collections and designs for autumn/winter 17-18 to offer aesthetic and innovative value to their end customers.

Autumn/Winter Trends 17-18 - Texitura
Autumn/Winter Trends 17-18 - Texitura
Autumn/Winter Trends 17-18 - Texitura

We hope that this analysis will be helpful for your projects and collections.

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